Utility Plan

A Path to

Restorative Development

How can a clean energy transition catalyze a new economy on the Iron Range?


A stronger community comes by leveraging existing utility assets to fuel the industries of the future.

2024 Goal:

Ensure reliable and affordable services to residents

  • Extend permit to use coal boilers as a back up for wood boiler

  • Optimize use of existing wood boiler and lay the groundwork for expansion

  • Create plan to position utility as catalyst for economic transition

2028 Goal:

Provide reliable, affordable and clean energy:

  • Phase out coal in favor of sustainably sourced wood, thereby significantly reducing SOx emissions and controlling for NOx

  • If deemed feasible, phase in renewable energy to support hydrogen hub

  • Begin to phase in new industries (i.e. CO2-to-methanol to fuels/olefins) to support economic transition

2050 Goal:

Net-positive economic, social and environmental performance

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Full Restorative Plan Available Here