A portion of the steam used in the Hibbing Public Utilities turbo-generators can be extracted from the machine and fed into a steam distribution system for space or water heating by our customers.  This distribution system consists of approx. 16 miles of supply pipe to feed industrial, business, and residential customers. 

Last year approx. 362 million pounds of steam were distributed to our customers.  Our plant has the capability of supplying 301,000 pounds (l5PSI, 250 ° F) of steam per hour into this system.

After nearly 100 years of providing steam service to the city of Hibbing, Hibbing Public Utilities remains fully committed to the continued operation of the steam district heating system.

This unique system has been and will continue to be a viable, effective energy source for the residents of Hibbing well into the future. As the typical heat system in Hibbing ages, the HPU realizes the need to support and assist in evaluating their systems.

Through consultation, we can and will evaluate systems and advise the customers in maintaining a cost effective steam heat system as an energy source.

Signs of System Problems
and Maintenance Checks

  • Water dripping from meter dial housing indicates a trap problem.

  • Steam blowing from dial housing or elsewhere on the meter indicates a trap problem.

  • A very hot meter indicates a system problem. Possible bad trap or motorized valve stuck open.

  • Traps should be very hot. A cold trap indicates a bad trap or motorized valve stuck shut.

  • An unusually high steam consumption indicates a bad trap, stuck motorized valve, or a coil leak. A coil leak will typically be accompanied by a high water consumption.

  • A lack of hot water may indicate a fouled or plugged coil. In most instances, a lack of hot water can be remedied by an adjustment of the mixing valve.

  • Banging pipes indicate a possible trap problem.

  • A water softener is recommended for use in steam heating systems.

  • 3/4 inch diameter tubing is recommended for use in heating coils, especially in un-softened systems.

  • Often, a lack of hot water can be remedied by an adjustment of the mixing valve on the hot water tank.

HAving Trouble?

Our staff will be happy to help assess problems with your steam heating system. We will help diagnose problems, or review recommendations from plumbers.

Contact: Service Department for any questions.

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