Natural Gas is considered to be one of the safest and most reliable energy sources available.  In the year 2016, Hibbing Public Utilities distributed 609 million cubic feet of gas this past year.

This was conveyed to our customers through 93 miles of distribution mains. We receive our gas through a connection with Northern Natural Gas.

HPU Commission approved a new gas service fee of $450 to recoup the costs of the meter, pipe, regulator, meter set, and first 90 feet.s

For more information, please see our Natural Gas Service Policy.



When cooking, lower the flame on the gas burner so it doesn’t extend beyond the bottom of the pot. Too high a flame wastes energy and can be dangerous. Be careful not to cook in loose fitting garments that can catch fire. Keep a dry chemical (class B) fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Do not use a gas range to heat a room. The flames on your gas range should burn blue with occasional flecks of orange. If they do not, call a qualified service representative. Never use the gas range or oven to heat a room. This can use up the oxygen you need to breathe.

Keep the area around your gas appliances free from litter and other flammable materials.

Have all natural gas appliances installed and serviced by licensed and qualified professionals. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Check vents, flue pipes, connections, and chimneys periodically for corrosion or blockages.


Call our service department at (218) 262-7712
if you ever smell a natural gas odor or to have new and reinstalled gas appliances inspected.


Natural gas is very safe when natural gas equipment is properly used and maintained.

However, if you smell gas, please remember these safety tips.

If the odor is faint, check all pilots to see if they are lit. If not, re-light them following the manufacture’s instructions. If you cannot find the source of the odor, call us immediately. Open doors and windows to dissipate any accumulated gas.

If a strong odor of gas is present, please leave the building and call us from a location outside of the home/business. Do not light a match, use the phone, use a cell phone, or turn any electrical switches on and off inside of the home/business or attached garage. Do not start a car.

Also, do not relight any gas equipment until all accumulated gas has dispersed.

Click HERE for Excess Flow Valve Option.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas, produced when any fossil fuel ( GASOLINE, KEROSENE, FUEL OIL, COAL, PROPANE, NATURAL GAS) is used improperly and burns without sufficient oxygen. CO poisoning causes flu like symptoms and, in rare cases, death. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends at least one CO alarm (also known as a CO detector) in a hallway near a sleeping area. If you suspect you are a victim of CO poisoning, call your local fire department (911) and they can test the air quality for the presence of the gas.


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